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I also bring to you my extensive experience of working with Epoxy resin.


I have been using epoxy resin since 2017 to make river tables/ marble like tables/benchtops and so much more.

Once i discovered techniques using wood and epoxy resin i have not looked back. I extensively researched and tested many different types of table techniques with each one being distinctive and different.

Are you bored of your existing benchtops? 


  • I can make and supply any size or preference of the finest glass like marble finishes mixing wood with resin.

  • With whichever colours you desire to choose from.


Also I can cover existing benchtops in place without having to unscrew or change the wood.

It involves preparing the surface and surrounding area for approx 2/3 days to set and harden on your existing benchtop before revealing a new look glass like marble finish of your preference.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Check out some of my previous resin work


Services offered (but not imited to):

  • River tables, translusent, coloured,

  • Benchtops

  • Bar tops

  • Covering of existing benchtops/tabletops/bartops

  • Shelfing units.

  • All custom made items made to your size and desire

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